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About Us

Good automobile established on 9th Feb 2017 is now the leading name in Mahindra auto service in Kathmandu valley, which has been providing the quality service. Good automobile tirelessly to be the premium seller spares & services. During these short span of time good automobile has stand still as the capital’s no.1 service provider with the best service and satisfied customer. Having the capacity of repairing more than 8 vehicles at the same time, with the skilled, qualified and well trained manpower Good automobile is successfully maintaining its goodwill till date. In 2019 good automobile has proven its worth and was awarded with Golden Award 2075/76 for high standard of service provided.

With unbeatable service providing 24*7, 365 days a year, it has now introduced the HHO Carbon cleaning of vehicle and also been providing the wheel alignment facilities as well. Accidental vehicle repair, body dent and paint, interior cleaning are some service that good has been providing.

Our service promises to provide pleasant and comfortable facility, schedule your service appointment as per your convenience, use genuine parts only, greet you promptly with courtesy, be transparent while providing a time and cost estimation, deliver your serviced vehicle in a clean condition and on time, provide a thorough explanation of work done, hand over the replaced parts after the paid service as per request.