Car Air Conditioning Repairs and Services

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Air Conditioning systems require maintenance to continue functioning well. At Good Automobile we offer the best car AC repair services at affordable prices which include compressor check, fixing refrigerant leaks and more.

When you visit our workshop, our trained and experienced technicians check for all potential faults associated with the car AC system like leaks and faulty compressors. We then repair or replace the damaged parts to ensure that your car AC is working in tip-top condition so you can enjoy your driving experience in any kind of weather.

To ensure your comfort with an efficiently working car AC system, you need to conduct periodic AC system service checks for the following:

  • Visual Inspection of all components.
  • Function and Performance test
  • AC Gas replacement
  • Replacement of AC Filter
  • Leak test
  • If needed, disinfection of AC System (Evaporator)

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient cool air in summer and in winter it provides warm dehumidified air.
  • AC Filter which keeps the air in your car clean.
  • Provide a pleasant and odor free environment at all times.

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Most Common Car AC Problems:

Good climate control is essential for your vehicle if you want to enjoy a comfortable ride. The element responsible for ventilation and cooling is the auto air conditioning unit. With proper maintenance, the AC should provide long-term service. Here are some common auto AC problems and components to replace for better performance.

One of the most essential aspects of your vehicle is the climate control, responsible by your car’s air conditioning system, if you want to enjoy the comfort of your car. The air conditioning system includes the ventilation and cooling unit of your car. A well maintained and well serviced AC should function well for a long term period. However, there are some AC problems that are quite frequent and you should be aware of how to tackle or replace for better performance:

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Before you opt for an AC service, you might want to flush your AC system to clear it of dirt and debris. Contamination could very well be the sole culprit of a vehicle’s AC problems. Even if it's not, putting a new part in a clogged system will prevent the new part from functioning well either.

The auto Air conditioning system cools the vehicle by using a refrigerant, or Freon, to get rid of the heat. The Freon circulates through the Air conditioning system and is not supposed to run out. However, it might leak out. Leaks occur due to wear and tear of the rubber seals, grommets and O-rings in the system. If you want to restore the performance of the AC unit, consider replacing these worn out components with new and possibly better ones.

Failure of the Evaporator
The evaporator is responsible for absorbing the heat produced in the vehicle during cooling. If the evaporator coils are damaged, the best option is to replace them. Repair and reconditioning will normally be more expensive than new evaporator coils. In addition, replacement yields reliable and longer functionality.

Compressor Issues
The compressor is designed to pump the refrigerant (Freon) around the Air Conditioning system. Hence if the compressor fails, your entire system will most likely stop working. In certain cases, you might be able to repair the compressor if the problem is small like a broken service clutch. More often than not however, replacing the compressor in its entirety is the best solution.

Worn Belts
There are belts and pulleys in the AC set-up, and they are connected to the engine. The belts can wear out over time, so you should check their condition regularly and replace as and when necessary.

If you are looking for quality replacement service for your car's air conditioning system, look no further than Good Automobile . We provide the quickest and most reliable AC repair service in the country, and we are present across the country. So don’t panic the next time your AC starts acting up in the middle of a road trip; just look for the closes Good Automobile car AC repair service near you.

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