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We provide various services for Mahindra Vehicles, Please have a detail look at our services.

24x7car road side assistant

Car breakdown is never planned, and during any roadside emergency the car owner is helpless in terms of getting his car repaired to get it moving.

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Body Repairs

Our body repairs service includes mainly dent and paint. We’re one of the first service centers in Nepal to introduce Indoor Paint Booth and Mig Welding service.

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wheel alignment

We provide Wheel Alignment, Tyre Balancing; Tyre Change services in a very affordable prices.

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Car Accessories

We provide all kinds of accessories for Mahindra Vehicles such as Front Guard, Rear Guard, Seat Cover  and many more.

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car wash

We provide instant car wash services and complete the work in less than an hour. Our washers will leave no stone unturned to deliver a perfect cash wash.

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Full Servicing

Prevention is always better than cure. And that, wholly explains Good Automobile Periodic Maintenance Services. This service aims at the prevention of car breakdowns and failures.

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air conditioning

We provide air conditioning services such as Gas leakage, AC Gas Filling and Compressor Change  via computerized system.

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running repairs

We offer running repairs and replacement services for any kind of problem that includes maintenance and replacement of brakes, clutch, engine in your vehicle .

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